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The Self-Care Hub: Creating Confidence, Calm and Connection

You want to succeed professionally and personally ...  YOU work hard, put in the hours, and YOU have demonstrated emotional strength and resilience, just to get to where you are now.  You want a rewarding and sustainable career.

Along the way, if you're anything like me, you are coping with a range of stressors.  In the mental health industry, outside of the actual client work, stressors include administration, Medicare, workplace bullying, unrealistic expectations, vicarious trauma, Imposter Syndrome, work-life balance, boundaries, building a trusted network, marketing, referrals etc....

Part of creating a sustainable career and building solid foundations is a process of filling your own cup first ... you need to treat yourself at least as well as you treat your clients.  

Filling your cup includes building a strong yet compassionate network, implementing boundaries, getting adequate rest, asking for and accepting help, self compassion, journalling, mindfulness, nutrition, movement.

It's the tough love AND the massages.  

The discipline and routine AND the creativity.  

This Self-Care hub is for you if you are wanting to find better, more practical ways to look after yourself and lead a simpler and calmer life, whilst still achieving YOUR career goals.  If you want to shore up your foundations so you can capitalise on all the hard work you have put in so far, and not decide to throw it all in a couple of years time and go and work for Coles.

There are a few options for you to explore in this Hub, depending on your interests.

Feel free to explore in whatever order you want.  

OR click on the discovery call link and together we can have a conversation about what would help you most right now. 

Kim xx

Available Products

Are you close to burnout?

If you have ever found yourself saying "I can’t cope.  I’m going to leave and get a job stacking shelves.  It’s not worth it.",  you are not alone.

Now whilst we all might say this occasionally, there comes a point where these comments indicate that you might be on a road to burnout.  If you're on this path, take a few minutes to work out where your sources of stress are, and what you can do about it.   

The How are you Coping? module, is one of the short modules in the Self-Care Hub that breaks down some of these complexities into bite sized, practical chunks.  Its a great place to start, because burnout, coping and self-care can only be ignored for so long.

    The First Step from overwhelm to calm for mums

    So, how do you move from overwhelm to calm?

    One step at a time.

    This handout includes a checklist of expectations and two journal prompts for reflection.  Completing these helps clarify  what you really want and need in your life.

    Be Kind to Yourself

    Self-compassion does not always come easy.

    How often do you speak to yourself in the way you would to your best friend?

    The compassion and understanding you offer your clients tends to come easier than offering yourself the same.  Self-compassion acknowledges your right be be human; to experience pain and suffering; to NOT being OK; to make mistakes; and, to forgive your imperfections.

    Imposter Syndrome Webinar

    This presentation by Nonie Carr, Psychologist and Kim Dunn, Psychologist takes you through three steps - Identifying the imposter and how it impacts on you; conducting a reality check; and how to live (and thrive) with Imposter Syndrome.  

    A 7 Step Digital Detox Guide

    Do you get caught up on ‘just’ checking (and replying to) your emails or your Facebook feed or your Instagram account, or your phone for messages?  It's such a time suck and productivity black hole. 

    Recent studies show that on average people check their phones between every five or ten minutes.  We use our phones for work, leisure, to mask or anxiety, to communicate with others, because we’re bored and because of habit.  Add on time spent on social media and checking emails, and what's left?

    I’ve been a psychologist for over 14 years and a solo practitioner for over three years.  I know how difficult it can be to maintain the boundaries between work and home life. 

    This 7 Step Digital Detox Guide provides support with helping you disrupt the 'just looking' habit; give your mind a break, and give yourself the opportunity to reconnect with what is important to you.

    Essential Self Care for Psychologists


    From now until the 23rd September when you sign up to the Essential Self-Care for Psychologists Course you will receive for free an initial 45 minute individual session with Kim. Valued at $220  

    Just use the coupon code BONUS


    Are you ready to take better care of yourself?

    Are you sick of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed?

    Do you want to future proof your career and avoid burnout?

    The Essential Self-Care for Psychologists course has been created to help you do just that.

    Using the principles of fierce self-care I will help you dig deep to figure out what YOU really need to take care of you, so that you can create a sustainable and thriving career. 

    Using the five foundations of self-care, you will identify your self-care triggers, create YOUR unique self-care plan, identify and smash some of the common barriers to self-care and establish client and work-life boundaries that work for you.

    The Essential Self-Care for Psychologists course provides you with the tools including the positive application of mindfulness, awareness, radical acceptance, self-compassion, to help you confidently and unashamedly stand up for YOUR self-care needs.

    **approximately 4 hours of CPD**

    *note.  this course is currently in beta mode and is priced accordingly. It is fantastic value, and could do with a little technical tweaking.  It will stay at this price until I am totally happy with it.  All feedback is welcome.  

    Victorian Psychologists' Networking Group Membership

    The VPNG is a community for Psychologists registered and working in Victoria.  

    Masters students are welcome WHEN referred by an existing group member.

    If you are a Victorian Psychologist wanting to grow a sustainable private practice, if you are looking for a local referral network, if you want to ask questions, share your experiences, and make strong connections, in a non-judgemental environment, come join the VPNG community.

    Discovery Call

    Not sure where to start?  We can jump on a 15 minute call together and I'll help point you in the right direction.  

    My Daily Connection Journal

    Curious about journaling, but not sure where to start.  Worried you have nothing to say?

    I can help.  

    This 14 day journal contains a carefully selected quote and complementary prompt for each day.  

    My top five tips to survive and thrive as a psychologist

    You may think that working in the mental health profession would provide some immunity against common workplace problems such as bullying, incompetency, lack of support, disrespect and unethical behaviour.

    Not so.

    My Five top tips for surviving as a psychologist provides some strategies with how to navigate being a part of the mental health industry.

    7 Mini Pops of Calm

    Are you feeling depleted, exhausted and just want some energy from somewhere!

    Right now we are all subject to the ongoing stress of COVID-19 and many of your normal stress management strategies may not be as effective as they used to be.

    I've got your back with 7 of my best mini stress buster strategies.

    This is a FREE download with a one page easy reference to print and put on your fridge.

    Going Back to School

    Back to school anxiety is quite common and understandable in many children and adolescents at the moment.

    In this workbook you will find some prompts to help conversation between you and your child.  And at the end there is a sheet with suggestions as to what you and your child can do to help regulate their emotions.  

    Small Group 4 weeks Self-Care for Psychologists

    All the benefits of the Essential Self-Care for Psychologists Program with weekly support.  

    You will gain full access to the Essential Self-Care for Psychologists Program and receive weekly support for four weeks to help with implementation.

    In the meantime you can complete the About You module.  

    The cost is $479.  Payment plans are available.

    Begins the 24th September.

    10 ways to reduce admin stress

    10 ways to reduce admin stress is one of the regular talks presented for free in the Victorian Psychologists' Networking Group Membership.

    it is available for purchase for non-members.

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